November 10, 2006

Job Announcement


Emory University Department of Environmental Studies

The Department of Environmental Studies at Emory University invites applications for the position of Chair of the department. The appointment is at the level of Professor beginning Fall 2007. This position is a unique opportunity to build on the interdisciplinary strengths of the department and engage a faculty who is committed to excellence in both research and teaching that integrates the natural and social sciences in the study of the environment. The applicant should have a demonstrated history of excellence in administrative leadership and a strong record in interdisciplinary research and teaching. Candidates should have a PhD in a relevant discipline such as environmental science, earth and atmospheric sciences, ecology, public health, public policy, urban studies, economics, or other fields that examine sustainability and dynamics of the linked human/ natural systems. The position provides an opportunity to build collaborative research, teaching, and training programs that are consistent with the University’s newly launched Strategic Initiatives ( in state of the art facilities within a unique urban forest setting. For additional information about the department and the chair’s position, plus links to Atlanta and Emory University, please visit the departmental website ( )

Please submit a cover letter, CV, a statement of research interests, experience, and departmental leadership philosophy as well as the names of three references. Materials can be submitted electronically to or mailed to Chair, Search Committee, Department of Environmental Studies, 400 Dowman Drive, Suite E-510, Mathematics and Science Center, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322. The review of applications will begin in January, 2007. Emory University is an Equal Opportunity, affirmative Action Employer. Women and minority candidates are encouraged to apply for this position.

November 3, 2006


ESEE 2007: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences for Sustainability

UFZ - Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany, 5-8 June 2007


** Abstract Submission Deadline: 20 November 2006 * *


The European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE), in co-operation with the German associations for ecological economics VÖÖ and VÖW, are pleased to invite you to join us in Leipzig, Germany for the 7th biennial international conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics: 5-8 June 2007. [Visit the conference website |]

Keynote speakers will include:

Elinor Ostrom, Malte Faber, Dick Norgaard, Inge Røpke, Clive Spash, and Carl Folke

The conference will explore contemporary scientific approaches for incorporating the concept of Sustainable Development in research and practice, with a particular focus on the bridging of contributions from the natural and social sciences. It will address a broad range of sustainability topics including loss of biodiversity, human vulnerability to global change and water problems on all geographical and institutional levels. The aim of the conference is to contribute to a better understanding of societal and natural processes and their interaction through the integration of different scientific methodologies, in order to overcome shortcomings associated with single- and multi-discipline approaches. Impediments to inter- and trans-disciplinary research will be examined and new research approaches for addressing sustainability questions will be identified.

Registration for ESEE 2007 is now open! [click here to register |]

Deadline for submitting abstract and full paper proposals is 20 November 2006


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PhD Student and Early Stage Researcher Workshop, 3-5 June 2007, Leipzig

Ahead of the seventh ESEE conference in Leipzig Germany, a special two and a half day workshop will be organized by and for PhD students and Early Stage Researchers. The objectives of this workshop are three fold: (1) strengthen the European Ecological Economics student network (2) expand students’ perspectives on interdisciplinary science and the future of Ecological Economics, (3) provide a forum for students to share experiences and stimulate collaboration. The programme includes lectures by Prof. Richard Norgaard, Dr. Sigrid Stagl and Dr. Martin Drechsler and a field trip in the vicinity of Leipzig. To apply for a place at workshop contact Esteve Corbera [estevecorbera @] – for more information contact Kate Farrell [katharine.farrell @]

FULL DETAILS OF THE ESEE 2007 Call for Papers

Procedures and Options for Submitting Abstract and Full Paper Proposals

(1) Submission Content

(2) Submission Options

(3) Submission Procedures


(1) Submission Content

Submissions that directly explore the challenges and possibilities of inter- and trans- disciplinary research are encouraged and all proposals should address one or more of the conference topics:*

- Biodiversity: conflicts and management - Global, regional and local water problems

- Sustainable use of landscapes - Sustainable cities

- Sustainable management of living systems - Managing contaminated sites

- Technological change for sustainability - Industrial ecology: managing product life cycles and material flows

- Environment and development: growth, globalisation and environmental degradation - Climate change: vulnerability, mitigation and adaptation

* For detailed descriptions of each topic please see:

(2) Submission Options:

• Individual Full Paper, including a short abstract (not more than 800 characters): these papers will be considered for presentation in one of the Core Parallel Sessions of the conference. The Core Sessions will provide longer presentation times and will also include provision for prepared comments by a respondent. Full papers should be no less than 5,000 and no more than 10,000 words.

• Symposium Full or Short Paper, including a short abstract (not more than 800 characters): these papers or long abstracts (not more than 1,200 words) must be associated with a Symposium that has already been accepted by the conference committee. Full Symposium Papers will only be considered for presentation at the conference as part of a specific symposium. The length and management of symposium presentations are the responsibility of the Symposium Co-ordinator.

• Short Paper Abstracts: these abstracts will be considered for presentation during Ordinary Parallel Sessions of the conference. The Ordinary Sessions will provide adequate time for presentation and discussion. Submission of BOTH a long abstract (not more than 1,200 words) AND short abstract (not more than 800 characters) is required.

• Poster Abstracts: these abstracts will be considered for presentation as Posters, which will be displayed in the central hall of the conference venue. In addition, there will be a dedicated poster session held during the conference. Submission of BOTH a long abstract (not more than 1,200 words) AND short abstract (not more than 800 characters) is required.

• Open Space Sessions: in the interest of supporting and encouraging creative engagement with the conference topics and ESEE community, provision will be made for spontaneous Open Space Sessions organised during the conference. Arrangements for these sessions can be made with the conference organisers during the conference. No proposal is required in advance of the conference.

N.B. Presenters are requested to confine themselves to giving TWO oral presentations during the conference at MAXIMUM.

(3) Submission Procedures:

Submission should be made electronically, through the conference webpage at:

In addition to the scientific content, the following information is required for submission:

- Full Names and Institutions for all co-authors;

- Email, Phone and Postal Address for corresponding author;

- Specification of Main Conference Topic addressed;

- Specification of Your Approach as (a) modelling, (b) empirical work, (c) governance and policy research, or (d) philosophical and methodological work.

For more information please see the ESEE 2007 webpage [] or contact the conference Secretariat at